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cataloging, conserving, storing, researching, interpreting, and exhibiting culture

Connor Laszewski Picture of me flintknapping

Connor Laszewski, Prehistory Research Project

Connor Laszewski Internship at Prehistory Research Project Introduction: During the Summer of 2018, I interned at the Prehistory Research Project at Texas State University. The focus of my internship was…

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Robert Swift, Center for Archaeological Studies

‘Internship at the Center for Archaeological Studies: The Curatorial Process and the Martyrdom of St. Boko Robert J. Swift Introduction: I completed an internship at Texas State University’s (TSU)…

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Jessica McCann, The Center for Archaeological Studies

The Curation of Historic Pottery Jessica McCann Introduction I conducted an internship at The Center for Archaeological Studies in the spring of 2018. This paper will describe the project…

Greg Simmons Featured

Greg Simmons, Central Texas Archaeological Resources

Internship at Central Texas Archaeological Resources: Excavation of La Pila Greg Simmons   Introduction  My internship for Central Texas Archaeological Resources took place during the summer of 2017. The project…

Ashlee Hickson Featured

Ashlee Hickson, Witte Museum

Internship with the Witte Museum: I had the opportunity to intern in the Witte Museum’s collection department during the summer of 2017, working under its department manager Leslie Ochoa. This…

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