During the process of setting up an internship, you as the internship student will write a few short documents.

  1. You will first write a short Statement of Purpose document that tells me (the internship coordinator) a bit about you and provides basic information.
  2. Once we have settled on one or more placement ideas, I will help you edit your resume and cover e-mail.
  3. Before you can register for course credit, I will need to work with you on an internship agreement, so that it is clear that you and your supervisor agree on what your internship will involve–and, that I agree it can count for anthropology course credit.
  4. Once you have secured the internship, I will normally ask you to sign a release form (a Waiver of Indemnity) for legal purposes.

There is an Internship Info folder located under the Resources tab of the “Anthropology Undergraduates” TRACS site. The documents listed above can be found there. A sample syllabus for ANTH4390 is also available in this folder.