Chris Davis, Geographical Information System with Professor Black

During the spring semester of 2010, I approached Dr. Stephen L. Black about the possibility of doing an internship with him during the Lower Pecos Canyonlands field school during the summer of 2010. Dr. Black mentioned that he was in need of someone who knew how to use GIS to work with the digital datasets […]

Krystle Haney, International Hospitality Council of Austin

Working with people of different cultures has always been a goal of mine. Whether professionally or through volunteer work, I knew cultural exchanges would play an important role in my life. When I heard about the work done at the International Hospitality Council, I knew it would be a great fit. Much of what I […]

Jeremy Brooks, Texas Historical Commission – Historic Sites Division

Archeologists play a dual role in the discipline of anthropology. They are both interpreters and preservers of artifacts. The responsibility an archeologist has in regards to preservation in the field is not only crucial, but also very challenging. When meticulously digging in one-meter square holes with three-inch trowels down two centimeters at a time, one […]

Eulalia Cholak, Center for Archaeological Studies

While assigned as an intern for the Center for Archaeological Studies I had the opportunity to participate in several projects inside the lab: processing artifacts, curation, and research, lots of research. I also had the opportunity to go out on a few excavations at Spring Lake and to Temple, Texas to help excavate a mammoth […]

Jessica Tovar and Katie Sloan, The Gault Archaeological Project

Our area of interest within the discipline of Anthropology is Archaeology. That is why we chose to intern at the Gault School of Archaeological Research. Throughout this semester interning at the Gault Project lab and site, we have learned a lot about the process of archaeological excavation, artifact processing and the history of this amazing […]