Dylan Bellesen, Center for Archaeological Studies

I have always had a fascination with the field of archaeology and wanted to gain as much knowledge and experience in that field as I possibly could. I chose the Center for Archaeological Studies because the work done there would give me an example of what archaeologists generally do, what procedures are followed, and how […]

Davette Gadison, The Gault Archaeological Project

As an Anthropology undergraduate, I was provided an extraordinary opportunity to help the Gault School in their laboratory at Texas State with research on Angostura projectile points found at the Gault archaeological site. As an intern for the Gault project, I was honored to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Collins on my research […]

Ashlea Evans, Center for Archeological Studies

IĀ interned at the Center for Archaeological Studies (CAS) to acquire the valuable hands-on experience I will need to advance my career in archaeology. It is a small institution, but it contains a large collection of artifacts ranging from ceramics to bones and other interesting objects. CAS was founded in 2000 by Dr. Britt Bousman as […]

Shannon Kubala, The Gault Archaeological Project

In taking an internship at the Gault Project Laboratory for the fall of 2011, I have witnessed first-hand the care and attention used in the preparation of analysis of artifacts excavated from the site. The executive director of the lab, Dr. Clark Wernecke, instructed me in general procedures and initial processing of the lot bags […]