Caroline McCallum, Indigenous Cultures Institute

Internship at the Indigenous Cultures Institute: The Importance of Religion and Repatriation INTRODUCTION I conducted an internship with the Indigenous Cultures Institute during the Fall 2016 semester, working as their Repatriation Project Intern. On September 6th, 2016, the Miakan – Garza band was approved for reburial grounds in the City of San Marcos. This was […]

Kari Helgeson, Forensic Anthropology Center at Texas State

Operation Identification After walking transects through the brush and scanning the ground for any trace of human remains, we observed a large cactus surrounding a single femur. With the heat blazing down and sweat soaking our shirts, we began to hack at the massive cactus in hopes of finding more remains of the individual. The […]

Amber Cabading, Texas Historical Commission

Internship Report of the Marine Archaeology Department at the Texas Historical Commission Texas Historical Commission & The Texas Navy Association My research began when my internship supervisor, State Marine Archaeologist Amy Borgens, attended a lunch meeting with a member of the Texas Navy Association, who posed a question on the origins of an eighteen pounder […]

Nelly Hernandez, UT MD Anderson Cancer Research Center

Internship at University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Research Center: Reaching Latino Families to increase Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Nelly Hernandez During the fall semester of 2016, I was part of the internship program at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. I worked on a research project known as “Tu […]