Ginger Morrison, The Center for Child Protection

I chose Center for Child Protection, because it offered me a chance to work with an organization with a great cause–to bring help, hope, and healing to children who have been abused. The Center for Child Protection is the first stop for children who are victims of sexual and physical abuse and for children who […]

Warren Held, Austin Police Department – Organized Crime Unit

I was placed into the Organized Crime Division’s (OCD) Alcohol Control Team (ACT). My time with the Police has been a great learning experience, one that has allowed me to further my anthropology skills through writings and analyses of various issues that relate to the Police Department. Before I entered the program, I had never […]

Brittany Gilcrease, The San Antonio Museum of Art

The San Antonio Museum of Art was once a brewery and is a beautiful place for art. There are huge open halls and large windows which give the museum a sense of grandeur. It is easy, however, to get lost without the aid of a map. The collections obtained over the years are beautifully displayed. […]

Liz Cross, Geopassage Specialty Travel

The past semester, I have been interning at GeoPassage Specialty Travel. My job has consisted of working as a tour research intern. Through this process, I was provided with the opportunity to gain a general awareness on the industry of travel. In addition, I learned about the complex field of anthropology in tourism. GeoPassage hired […]