Katherine Barrax, International Hospitality Council of Austin

I was primarily interested in working with people from different cultures in a more “diplomatic” capacity, so the International Hospitality Council of Austin turned out to be a perfect fit. Their goal is to increase citizen diplomacy. They are one of the many CIVs, or Councils for International Visitors, in the U.S. When Washington receives […]

Crystal Platz and Lauren Springs, Texas Historical Commission – Historic Sites Division

As interns, it is our job to duly assist the Curator of Archeological Collections Manager with the collections processing, cataloguing, preservation, curation, photography, archives, and data management of all artifacts, as instructed, related to their corresponding historic sites. Throughout the course of this internship, we have been involved in assisting with a variety of duties […]

Stephani Williams, Center for Archaeological Studies

I chose to take the internship at CAS for several reasons. Last year I learned in my CRM archaeology class that 92% of all trained archaeologists work in the CRM industry. I also learned that, second only to education, experience is what employers desire most from potential employees. CAS was a great opportunity for me […]

Rachel Tomlinson, Austin Police Department

My internship with the Austin Police Department’s North Bureau Investigations Unit involved performing many different tasks. I either started the day by following a detective on one of their many cases or assisted the administration with various tasks. When job shadowing the detectives, it includes having any witnesses and/or the victims come to the Police […]

Nina Shanley, UT Michale E. Keeling Center for Comparative Medicine and Research

Primate work is notoriously difficult to come by so, by doing an internship I hoped to gain experience and references to ease my entrance into the field. Because of my interests in cognition, which relies heavily on behavioral research, my main goal was to familiarize myself with the methods used in primate behavioral research. While […]