Michael Anstice, Hospice Austin

I conducted an internship with Hospice Austin in the Bereavement Services Department in the summer of 2013. I am currently a graduate student in the Department of Anthropology, and am writing my thesis on end-of-life care, decisions regarding hospice care, and what effects these decisions may have on family dynamics. My internship thus served two […]

Ashley Falk, Texas Biomedical Research Institute

I conducted an internship at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute in the spring of 2013. My internship supervisor, Dr. Anthony Comuzzie, is currently working on projects that study the genetics of coronary artery disease in Alaskan Natives, the genetics of atherosclerosis in Mexican Americans, and a study on diet and genotype in primate atherosclerosis. The […]

Erin Wolter, El Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos

During the Spring semester of 2013, I interned at El Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos. Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos was a dream that Mrs. Ofelia Trinidad Vasquez Philo (Hereafter Mrs. Philo) had for more than 30 years before she finally obtained the old Southside Elementary School Building. She grew up in the […]

Maureen Purcell, Texas Biomedical Research Institute

In the spring of 2013 I interned at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute under a biological anthropologist whose laboratory investigates osteoarthritis (OA) using baboon skeletal remains. This internship opportunity allowed me to develop a hypothesis to further the team’s research goals relating to manifestation of OA symptoms and severity of OA. I became part of […]