Shelby Stewart, SHUMLA

Shumla is a school that educates through Studying Human Use of Materials, Land, and Art. Their mission is to incorporate the arts and sciences in their research of the Lower Pecos Rock Art. Shumla’s programs provide a learning experience for people of all ages based on interactive education. Together people can come to an understanding […]

Kathleen Callahan, San Antonio Museum of Art

Ever since I can remember, museums have aroused a passion in me. Learning about the way other cultures live, which is why I entered Anthropology, and seeing right there in front of me relics from ancient and contemporary peoples, it all drew me toward museum work. This is my overall career goal, to become a […]

Kati Manly, Primarily Primates

Primarily Primates (PPI) is the oldest primate sanctuary in the United States. In 1978, Wally Swet set out to start PPI after recognizing that many primates needed homes after being abandoned by their owners. He was among the first to attempt the cohabitation in chimpanzees that is so necessary for their rehabilitation. Primarily Primates is […]