Holly Staggs, Center for Archaeological Studies

During my time at CAS, I participated in two main projects. In the field, I accompanied the crew to Spring Lake to conduct shovel tests to help determine where an excavation needs to take place. I went out with the assistant director at CAS and some of the lab technicians to complete the shovel tests. […]

Thomas Stott, National Museum of Health and Medicine-Armed Forces Institute of Pathology

This summer I interned at the National Museum of Health and Medicine, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington, D.C. The museum, originally called the Army Medical Museum, was founded “to study and improve medical conditions during the American Civil War.” The museum’s collection includes archival materials, anatomical and pathological specimens, medical instruments and artifacts, […]

Amanda Castañeda, Shumla

Towards the end of my second year as an anthropology major, I began to look at field schools and I chose the ‘Field Methods in Rock Art’ course offered through Texas State and Shumla. I had no previous experience with rock art but it was only three weeks long and I had a busy summer. […]

Rachel Bogan, Born Free Primate Sanctuary

This summer I worked at the Born Free Sanctuary assisting with the care of their Japanese snow monkeys, or Macaca fuscata. Many of these monkeys are descendants of a group in Japan (Fedigan & Asquith, 1991) which came to the Sanctuary a few years ago. I was Born Free’s first intern, so it was a […]