Miguel Marquez, Texas Biomedical Research Institute

Read the full report here I spent my internship in the genetics department of one of the most recognized biomedical research institutions in the world, working with one of the most knowledgeable scientists in the field of genetics. I interned with Dr. Anthony Comuzzie in a lab conducting research on different biological processes to look […]

Ben Laurence, Kelly Scott, and Stefan Barker; The Witte Museum

It’s 10 a.m. on a Wednesday morning at The Witte Museum. Three interns steer a pallet of supplies through a hive of activity. Excited children climb inside a gigantic nose after listening to a short explanation on the purpose of nasal mucus. As the interns pass a group of uncomfortable fathers, their young sons activate […]

Heather England, National Parks Service

Cultural and Natural Resources at Lake Amistad National Recreation Area From mid-May through early July I conducted my internship at Lake Amistad National Recreation Area outside of Del Rio, Texas. My internship was with the resource management division of the park, where I participated in activities ranging from archaeological surveys of the region’s rock art, […]

Winter Calaway, SmartRevenue Inc.

View the full report here For the past seven months, I have worked for a market research firm and (with the assistance of Dr. Hadder) was also able to use this time as an internship through my graduate program in the Department of Anthropology at Texas State University. Prior to this, I was knowledgeable that […]