cropped-shumla-amanda-e1425228354211.jpgThis site showcases reports submitted by students in my ANTH4390 Internship In Anthropology course since 2007. I believe this archive provides a terrific answer to the question, “what can I do with a degree in anthropology?” It also highlights the commitment of the many organizations represented here to mentor the next generation of professionals. All entries are authored by students, with my editorial help. The official Anthropology Department internship information page is located here.

Monica Ahsan, Texas Biomedical Research InstituteClick here for a hand-picked set of internships that show off the diversity of internship experiences , click browse the gallery to start with the most recent entries, or use the pull-down list to find internships completed during a particular semester. However, I generally recommend starting by clicking one of the category names of an area that interests you or typing anything into the search box.

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