cropped-shumla-amanda-e1425228354211.jpgThis site documents internships completed by anthropology undergraduate students at Texas State University. It contains a wealth of information about a range of organizations, careers, and research. All entries are authored by students.

Monica Ahsan, Texas Biomedical Research InstituteClick here to see a showcase of student internships¬†that highlights the scope of what our undergraduate students have done, or click browse the gallery to start with the most recent entries. You can narrow your search using the list of categories, pull down the menu for particular semesters, or type anything into the search box.¬†Click on Become an Intern if you are a Texas State Anthropology student interested in pursuing an internship, and be sure to check out the Department’s Certificate in Curation of Anthropological Materials.

Important Disclaimers

1) Because all of the text on this site was written by students, neither the Texas State University Anthropology Department nor the site of the student’s internship can vouch for the accuracy of any information. Particular facts may be out of date or in error, and solely reflect the understandings of the student author at the time the internship was completed. Posts are therefore intended to provide general information and a starting point for further inquiries.

2) We make efforts to obtain verbal and/or written permission for use of images. If you or your organization is depicted on this site, and you want the image removed, contact the internship coordinator and we’ll attend to the issue immediately.

3) If you are a former intern and want to revise your work, contact the internship coordinator.

This site was created by Neill Hadder, with help from Jonathan Hay, Michael Anstice, Hilary Martinez, and Charles Williams.