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internships behind the scenes, planning/mounting exhibits and maintaining collections

Charlotte Underwood Internship Picture

Charlotte Underwood, Houston Museum of Natural Science

Internship at the Houston Museum of Natural Science By: Charlotte Underwood The internship I participated in was a fantastic learning experience. I was working at the Houston Museum of…

Mia Clark TMM pic2

Mia Clark, Texas Memorial Museum

Introduction I conducted my internship at the Texas Memorial Museum in Austin, Texas, in the spring of 2018. I divided my time working as a “gallery guide” in the newest…

Ashlee Hickson Featured

Ashlee Hickson, Witte Museum

Internship with the Witte Museum: I had the opportunity to intern in the Witte Museum’s collection department during the summer of 2017, working under its department manager Leslie Ochoa. This…

Emily Taner Featured

Emily Taner, Witte Museum

Internship at the Witte Emily Taner The following report details my time as a collections intern at the Witte Museum in San Antonio, Texas. During my three-month long stay at…

Amber Cabading Featured

Amber Cabading, Texas Historical Commission

Internship Report of the Marine Archaeology Department at the Texas Historical Commission Texas Historical Commission & The Texas Navy Association My research began when my internship supervisor, State Marine Archaeologist…

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