Jain Orr, Kalahari People’s Fund

From November 2011 to October 2012 I interned with the Kalahari People‚Äôs Fund in Austin, Texas, which gave me the opportunity to travel to Namibia and Botswana during the summer of 2012. While doing a project on the role of women in hunter-gatherer San culture for my Peoples and Cultures of Africa class, Dr. Agwuele […]

Joanna Suckling, American Red Cross of Central Texas

In the spring semester of 2011, I fulfilled an emergency services internship with the American Red Cross of Central Texas chapter in Austin. An emergency services intern works with American Red Cross staff and volunteers to prepare for and provide emergency relief to clients in the greater Central Texas area. This internship provided me with […]

Toni Fischer, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department – Archaeology Lab

I was initially attracted to the internship in the Texas Parks and Wildlife Archaeology Lab because I am interested in obtaining a career in the field of archaeology and wanted to get a glimpse of what working for a state agency was like. In addition, by meeting and working with established professional archaeologists, anything that […]

Valerie Butterfield, San Antonio Museum of Art

My junior year at Texas State was coming to a close when I began my search for an internship opportunity to speed me on my way toward becoming an artifacts conservator. I decided to attempt to obtain an internship position with the San Antonio Museum of Art. This decision stemmed from my memories of visiting […]

Ingrid J. Marrero, F.B.I. San Antonio Office

Federal Bureau of Investigation. The name alone can trigger all sorts of thoughts: respected agency, exalted, intimidating, and cool. These adjectives are all true of the Bureau, but the FBI is so much more. The FBI serves as the principal investigative arm of the Department of Justice. 2008 marks one hundred years since the FBI […]