Emily Taner, Witte Museum

Internship at the Witte Emily Taner The following report details my time as a collections intern at the Witte Museum in San Antonio, Texas. During my three-month long stay at the Witte, I worked under the guidance of Stephanie Prichard, Registrar; Leslie Ochoa, Collections Manager; and Amy Fulkerson, Chief Curator. I was lucky enough to […]

Rachel Jenson, Center for Archaeological Studies

Internship at the Center for Archaeological Studies: The Process of Curating the Past Rachel Jenson   Introduction to CAS, Collections, and Curating In the Spring of 2017, I conducted an internship at the Center for Archaeological Studies at Texas State. The facility is a teaching center for the students on campus and a repository for […]

Anna Schautteet, Texas Prehistory Research Project

Introduction: During the spring semester, I took part in an internship at the Texas Prehistory Research Project located at Texas State University. The project’s main focus is the scientific research and exploration of Clovis technology. Clovis technology is a term associated with the manner in which the archaeological artifacts of the 13 B.C. to earlier […]

W. A. Welliver, Center for Archaeological Studies

Introduction During the spring semester of 2016, I conducted an internship at the Center for Archaeological Studies at Texas State University. In this report, I will provide a brief description of CAS and the project I worked on, which were artifacts recovered from the Ambergris Caye Archaeological Project. Furthermore, I will be discussing the Mayans […]