Greg Simmons, Central Texas Archaeological Resources

Internship at Central Texas Archaeological Resources: Excavation of La Pila Greg Simmons   Introduction  My internship for Central Texas Archaeological Resources took place during the summer of 2017. The project site is called “La Pila,” which means “The Basin” or “The Fountain,” and is in Waco, Texas. I spent nearly all my time with CTAR […]

Kyleigh Hoelscher, Hays County Food Bank

Client Stories Internship for Hays County Food Bank Kyleigh Hoelscher   The Client Stories Internship required a multitude of tasks which pulled from a few different skill sets. As a Client Stories Intern for the Hays County Food Bank during the summer of 2017, my main responsibility was to approach clients (clients are people who […]

Ashlee Hickson, Witte Museum

Internship with the Witte Museum: I had the opportunity to intern in the Witte Museum’s collection department during the summer of 2017, working under its department manager Leslie Ochoa. This report will discuss my projects, which included the installation of a Jose Arpa art exhibit that involved completing artifact condition reporting paperwork. More importantly, the […]

Aireka Rinehart, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Texas Parks Internship Report   The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) oversees and protects wildlife and state parks. Within the TPWD, the curatorial department cares for the historical records and artifacts gathered at or around the state parks. While the majority of the TPWD offices are near the Austin-Bergstrom airport, the curatorial and archaeological […]