Connor Laszewski, Prehistory Research Project

Connor Laszewski Internship at Prehistory Research Project Introduction: During the Summer of 2018, I interned at the Prehistory Research Project at Texas State University. The focus of my internship was the analysis of the Native American projectile points known as dart points. These dart points were provided by collector J.D. Zeptner, who obtained them in […]

Kevin McLennan, Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office

Internship as a Death Investigator: A Glimpse Into The Other Side Kevin MacLennan Imagine for a moment: you pull into a stranger’s driveway and shut the vehicle off. Police officers are scattered around the property and yellow POLICE tape surrounds the home. You know someone inside has just been found deceased after going missing […]

Charlotte Underwood, Houston Museum of Natural Science

Internship at the Houston Museum of Natural Science By: Charlotte Underwood The internship I participated in was a fantastic learning experience. I was working at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, behind the scenes doing the work that most people would find boring: the research. Archaeology isn’t all digging up pottery and bones; to […]

Annette , San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

During the summer of 2018, I held an internship position at the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park. The National Parks Service is an agency of the federal government that preserves and protects national parks integrity for future generations. The NPS manages four missions in San Antonio: Concepción, San José, San Juan, and Espada. My […]